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As a woman on the internet, there are two types of politically-minded men I come across: The ones that hate me because I’m a woman and the ones that want to save me because I’m a woman. The problem is: they are as bad as each other.

You’d think male feminists, also known as male allies, would be leagues better than the MRAs—a catch-all term in this article to refer to Red Pillers, incels, MGTOWs, and simple old men’s rights activists—but you’d be wrong. As the latter in the first paragraph—the men who want to save me because I’m a woman—they in fact do the opposite. In their quest to save women from evil, oppressive patriarchy, these men oppress and denigrate women to an extreme not seen by the MRAs.

Whereas you know most types of men’s rights activists do not support women, at least they’re open with that. Male allies oppress and harm women to the same extent, but they do this under the guise of helping women.

Despite being an unreliable source at times, Japanese woman @Mombot has compiled a list of male feminists who have committed horrible acts. It is available here. While men’s rights activists—mainly the more horrible incels, MGTOWs and Red Pillers, and not the more reasonable MRAs as shown in Cassie Jaye’s The Red Pill—are not free of controversy, and love to say horrible things about women in their internet hive minds, at least we know they dislike women and are in all likelihood misogynists.


Every single person who has me blocked on Twitter is a male feminist. Firstly, that tells you there aren’t many people who have me blocked yet, but it’s also a worrying problem, since we’ve never interacted. What does this say when male feminists will block a woman for no reason, usually while stating they are supportive of feminism and gender equality?

Many of these male allies support measures that oppress women further, such as the horrible claim that a woman dressing “skimpily” is the alleged male gaze. Any woman that stands up against these male “feminists” is accused of being a male sockpuppet (a man using a female profile picture) or they even use that horrifying term, “internalized misogyny”. Internalized misogyny is another way for feminists—both male and female—to infantilize women as simply victims of men, with no autonomy or control at all.

The difference between male allies and MRAs? Nothing, except one is more subtle with their online hatred.