Image via Australian Bureau of Statistics

In a major waste of time and money, Australians are heading to the postal boxes to complete a survey that helps the Government decide whether same-sex Australians should be allowed to marry or not.

That’s right, it’s non-binding, and it’s just a survey, simply asking:

Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?’



The survey will help the Australian Government gauge whether Australian citizens wish for their same-sex peers to be allowed the privilege of marriage. And it’s been, shall we say…divisive?

Anyone with the gall to vote No is labeled a bigoted, homophobic, fascist monster who doesn’t deserve to exist. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been headbutted by a protester. Online and real-life trolls have tried to destroy tennis great Margaret Court’s reputation.

We have a prim and proper mother talking on television about how our children need a mother and father, how same-sex marriage will erode traditional marriage, and how radical gender theory will be introduced if the survey results in a unanimous Yes verdict.

Most people who voted Yes may question why the bigots on the No side voted as they did. They seriously don’t understand why anyone would vote No on equality and fairness. Well, as someone who voted Yes to same-sex marriage, let me tell you why someone would vote No:

There is a major problem on the Yes side of the debate. Of course, the No side has its fair share of issues, but this has been discussed at length. We already know it’s absurd that they think traditional marriage is being eroded. Traditional marriage is bonking a woman over the head and riding off into the sunset, so clearly current marriage is already a bastardization of its former self. Concepts like divorce further cement that belief. The Australian Marriage Forum lists “Removing a child’s birthright to both a mother and father” as one of the reasons: This is absurd, as single-parent families already exist, and they definitely don’t erode the concept of marriage.

The problem is with the compulsory Safe Schools and Respectful Relationships programs in schools. Despite claiming to only want same-sex marriage legalized—which should be overwhelmingly supported—the Yes advocates seem to believe that if same-sex marriage is legalized in Australia, then the country should be allowed to proceed further with dangerous Gender Studies ideology.

This is an insult to gay, lesbian and bisexual couples who simply wish to get married and have the same rights as the rest of Australians. These two programs are not what they claim to be. Safe Schools is not about stopping bullying—it is about teaching radical Gender Studies theories to children and teenagers. Respectful Relationships hopes to teach children as young as six that all males are abusers, all females are victims of this abuse, and this is perpetuated by the mythical concept of patriarchy.

This is not acceptable.

The same-sex marriage campaign should not be railroaded by “social justice warriors” who just want to manipulate Australians into believing radical gender theory from a young age. We just want same-sex marriage to be legalized. Simple.