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Outrage sells, and outrage particularly sells well when that salesperson is a celebrity. Celebrities all seem to have an opinion about even the most minor political issue. Jennifer Lawrence believes the horrifying spate of hurricanes in Mexico is the blame of US President Donald Trump. Author J.K Rowling is constantly owning anyone who critiques or mocks her political beliefs. It’s gotten to the point that if a celebrity won’t publicly go with the pre-approved political discourse, then online news media will be up in arms.

There’s nothing wrong with a celebrity being interested in the political world around them. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronald Reagan, Midnight Oil musician Peter Garrett and many other stars have gone on to careers as politicians. The problem is with the Hollywood political machine. Only a certain brand of political activism is allowed.

The entertainment industry has faced a lot of flack in recent years for its lack of diversity. Events like #OscarsSoWhite and accusations of the gender pay gap. Certainly, Hollywood has been racist and sexist in the past. One of their earliest successes was pro-KKK film The Birth of a Nation. Nonwhite actors struggled for roles that were not stereotypical. Women like Mary Pickford and Lillian Gish made up the minority, struggling to be as successful as their male counterparts.

That is the past. Women in twenty-first century Hollywood—and indeed other film hubs—are taken as seriously as their male counterparts. Racist propaganda is a definitely no-no, and rightfully so. Nonwhite actors actually play characters of their own background, instead of just Arabs being played by white Americans in 1921’s The Sheik. According to most politically-minded celebrities, we are living in an era worse than that of the past.

The bubble the original founders of Hollywood left when they escaped the New Jersey film hub has just been recreated—and it’s a lot worse.

Everyone in the Hollywood hub is an enlightened, intelligent, free-thinker who knows everything about the world; they know better than the majority of their country (at least outside California and New York) who don’t hold the entertainment industry’s political beliefs.

Most of these celebrities who rally against their pet issues all have the same beliefs. Surely all these celebrities can’t have the exact same beliefs about issues like Donald Trump’s Presidency, climate change, LGBT rights, and more? These celebrities all come from a plethora of life situations, with entirely different upbringings.

Some of the issues they talk about are incredibly important. However, most are doing it for the political point-scoring, fitting in with the in-group in Hollywood. Doing otherwise gets you blacklisted. It’s kind of a twenty-first century McCarthyism.

Sarah Pollitt states:

The people who push diversity quotas and cry the loudest…do not care about diversity in Hollywood or at least care enough to keep the controversy going without any kind of end goal in mind.

Have you seen articles about celebrities who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton or who don’t believe in the gender pay gap? What about celebrities who don’t go on at length about their pet social justice causes? Of course you do. They’re usually hit pieces. A lot of these celebrities, like Clint Eastwood, James Woods, Stacey Dash, and others, may have ridiculous political beliefs. But as long as they don’t harm anyone (actual physical harm, not just words), why shouldn’t they be allowed these beliefs?

Instead, they’re mocked and de-platformed.

This is the problem with celebrities who push their political beliefs. They are not the majority. They are only the majority in their pre-filtered social cliques.

A diversity of opinions should be welcomed and encouraged, not just in Hollywood, but everywhere.

Of course, the entertainment industry should focus on diversity and inclusivity, but not only as a means to prove they’re better than anyone that isn’t them.

If we want diversity and equality in the entertainment industry, we need diversity of opinion, and no more political point-scoring. If you’re doing it for the virtue signaling, then you may be the true racists and misogynists.