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Read any news article about the communist leaders of North Korea, Cuba, Laos, China, or Vietnam, and you’ll inevitably have a comments section full of people comparing said nation to Donald Trump.

Read any article in general and someone will inevitably mention Donald Trump, but these specific pieces on communist nations evoke a response from people that are meant to make you question how bad could these poor countries possibly be when they’re lucky enough to not have Donald Trump as their Supreme Leader. How bad could the antics of Kim Jong Un, or previous communist revolutionaries like Fidel Castro or Mao Zedong be compared to the abhorrent, misogynistic, homophobic, Islamophobic behavior of the literally-Hitler that is President Donald Trump?

To many, North Korean “leader” (read: “dictator”) Kim Jong Un promoting his younger sister Yo Jong is exactly the same as Donald Trump giving his daughter a prime spot at the White House. Even the aforementioned ABC News article reports it as some sort of regular occurrence, with young students celebrating events in Pyongyang as if they were simply regular college students from the United States at a rave party.

This minimization of the dangerous actions of a communist dictator is not only incorrect, but harmful. Countries like North Korea are full of human rights violations, disease and poverty, and to compare them to life in the United States is outright disgusting.

Take Saudi Arabia. While not communist, they are generally frowned upon for their treatment of women and non-Muslims. Recently, when they allowed women the right to drive, many claimed the United States is just as bad as Saudi Arabia. Are you kidding me? A country that allowed women the right to drive a century after America is on the same level with women’s liberation?

In the case of defending communism, this is taken to an entirely new extent. A regime that killed at least 100 million people—well, that’s nothing compared to the Nazi Party of Germany, who killed roughly 10 million people. Nobody should be defending Nazis, since they were absolutely abhorrent, but to believe Nazism is worse than communism is to be simply naive. To compare communism to fascism in general is more acceptable, as both are disgusting movements responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent souls in the twentieth century.

To be fair, communism is basically indistinguishable from fascism. The problem: Fascism hasn’t been a problem in the world since the mid-twentieth century, yet communism is still the major political system in the five countries in the world. Before you respond by stating that Trump is a fascist or in cahoots with fascists, this is wrong. If anything, Donald Trump is a true and honest capitalist. He cares about money. He doesn’t care about fascist ideology, just money. Money, money, money.

Any rebuttal might claim that North Korea, China and the like aren’t “true communism”. This is just an excuse for anarcho-communists like ANTIFA to excuse any horrible wrongdoings of their movement. In order to keep up the guise that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels created a perfect system when they wrote The Communist Manifesto, they claim that actual communists were not “real” communists.

The problem is: The regimes in North Korea, China, and previously in the USSR, all identify as communism. They had leaders all idealized by modern communist-idealists as revolutionaries. You can’t claim True Communism has never existed when you idolize Mao’s Little Red Book, wear Che Guevara shirts, claim Kim Jong Un is just misunderstood by racists, and devoutly mourn Fidel Castro. You can’t take what you perceive as the good and try and bury the bad under the rug.

This happens a lot in far-Left movements. When someone who feminists disagree with identifies as a feminist—like Christina Hoff Sommers or Germaine Greer—they try and ostracize and ignore the existence of the feminist they disagree with. Former communist nations are perceived as “failures”, and according to Marx and Engels, communism won’t fail, so communists sweep these failures under the rug.

Communism and fascism share a lot in common. Politics is circular in many ways—if a movement is radical enough, it has overlapping characteristics with the radical movement on the other side of the political spectrum. Both have led to millions of innocent deaths, created widespread devastation, and don’t seem to care about human suffering.

True Communism as depicted by Marx and Engels cannot exist, because humans are inherently corrupt and greedy. Therefore, Real Communism was the USSR, it is North Korea, Cuba, Laos, China and Vietnam.

To compare Donald Trump and the Republican Party in the United States to communist regimes is to ignore human suffering. It is to greatly romanticize the actions of a brutal political movement that doesn’t care about any of your pet social justice causes. Under communist regimes, anyone who is perceived as different and not contributing to the greater good of the country—LGBT individuals, those unwilling to agree with one hundred per cent of the regime’s policies, perceived dissidents—is tortured and murdered.

Read about the former accounts of those living in Soviet Russia or recent escapees from North Korea and you’ll realize your fairly decent life in the United States is not comparable.

The fact you are allowed to disagree with the actions of your own leader should be ultimate proof the United States is a democratic, free nation.