Images by Pixelkult, Thomas Charters and Kaufdex

How are we supposed to trust the mainstream media when they don’t even consider themselves “the media”? The mainstream media, which has the primary goal of reporting the news to everyday citizens, somehow thinks it isn’t responsible for reporting the news. With the recent bombing in Mogadishu, Somalia, many of these news outlets are asking: Why aren’t we reporting on Mogadishu?

But, The Independent, you are the press.

One can understand where these news outlets are coming from. The horrifying terrorist attack on Somalia’s capital of Mogadishu has not received as much attention as more prominent attacks such as the Las Vegas Strip Shooting. There are many reasons for this, unfair as it is. The Las Vegas Strip Shooting is closer to the hearts of Americans, the primary user base of Twitter. Even though there were more innocent victims lost in the Mogadishu bombing, Las Vegas is seen as the story more will be able to sympathize with, as it’s closer to home.

On the other hand, places like The Independent, The New Yorker and Al Jazeera don’t have the right to ask this question. They are the news. They are reporting. They are talking about this. To ask why nobody is reporting on an attack that is clearly being reported on is clearly just them trying to stir up attention. These newspapers and websites have Editors-in-Chief, who have had meetings to decide the importance of the Mogadishu bombing and whether it should receive a lot of coverage, and if these  journalists have decided it is not that important to report on this important issue, then that is their issue. You can’t decide not to report on something, and then have the audacity to complain it is not being reported.

These headlines raise the important question: Do these outlets even consider themselves The News? In an age where being a journalist is almost considered lower on the pecking order than used car salesmen, it is clear these outlets are trying to distance themselves from this bad reputation. Too bad. They can’t. When you are the mainstream media—also known as the old or traditional media—you can’t escape from that. Especially in the age of U.S President Donald Trump and his rants on “fake news”, when you are claiming to be a source of proper news in an effort to discredit Trump. You can’t just claim to “be independent” and for important and real journalism, and then pretend not to be the media.

The world is reacting to Mogadishu. Maybe it’s not as much as Las Vegas—since the Las Vegas Shooting was in the United States and that is where much of the mainstream media lies—but people are still mourning, “thoughts-and-prayers”-ering, and reporting on the atrocities of terrorist organization Al-Shabaab . Just because you’re too busy making witty responses to Trump’s tweets about how he should just resign and impeach himself already, doesn’t mean everyone else is doing that.

Focus on the 300-plus victims of the Mogadishu bombing. Stop trying to make mountains out of molehills where they needn’t be. Why isn’t anybody talking about Mogadishu? Then talk  about it! Talk about the victims. Talk about Al-Shabaab and how they can be stopped.

When we can’t even trust our allegedly trustworthy news sites, since they can’t even trust themselves, is it any wonder people are turning to “fake news”? Journalists are meant to be incredibly important for democratic nations, reporting on the news instead of creating the news. You are the news. For the love of everything, do your bloody job.