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The Far-Left that occupies much of Twitter has finally lost it. They are defending George W Bush. Yes, that’s right, that George W Bush. The George W Bush responsible for initiating the War on Terror, the George W Bush responsible for much turmoil and pain and death. Bush isn’t inherently responsible for all that’s happened in the Middle East—that hearkens back to the nineteen-eighties, and the Cold War between the United States and Soviet Russia, but he did highly exacerbate the conflict.

The same celebrities who were hellbent on criticizing Bush in the early two-thousands are now calling Trump worse than Bush. Pop singer P!nk, who wrote the moving 2006 song “Dear Mr. President” in relation to Bush, said this about Donald Trump:

There aren’t words for this shameful person.

The Dixie Chicks, who were infamously condemned for their criticisms of Bush, are now receiving cheers and commendations for the same dislike of President Trump:

It’s good to see Natalie Maines and P!nk consistently disliking any and all Republican leaders, instead of picking-and-choosing. However, many others are showing the amazing lengths their hypocrisy will go to, praising George W Bush when, ten years ago, they were all for tearing him apart. In order to tear apart their current enemy, these people will hold up horrible, despotic monsters. When communist leader Fidel Castro passed away, he was held up as a beacon of all that was good and mighty. Comparing Kim Jong Un with Donald Trump appears to be the norm, despite Kim being responsible for far more human rights violations than Trump could possibly do in his term.

It is fine to critique and dislike your current leader, as long as there’s a reason. The problem is that by saying George W Bush is better than Donald Trump, you are forgiving him for his past actions, just so you can political point-score. It’s also saying there can only be one BAD leader, and he/she is the last leader of the political party you dislike. When Barack Obama was in power, George W Bush was the TRULY EVIL Republican. Now that Donald Trump is in power, he is the TRULIEST EVIL, so Bush can be written out of the history books. It seems we only have the power to remember one leader of the political party we oppose.

The same is true of Republicans. Now that Trump is in power, he is the true and almighty Supreme Leader, but during Barack Obama’s tenure, George W Bush was the only true and good leader, and how they wish he was still in power!

What this basically amounts to is that people only recall the last two leaders in power in the United States. They remember one Republican and one Democrat. Regardless of where you lie on the political spectrum—Left or Right—one of these is the good guy and the other is Literally Hitler.

The problem lies in that this Two Leaders Rule means we forget the horrors of the past. In the comments section to @JimDelRey’s tweet, Grace Suárez claims Trump is worse than Bush because:

It’s called lowering the bar. GOP excels in that.

To anyone who’s only recently become interested in politics, that makes an awful lot of sense. How can George W Bush be worse than a man who threatens war with those innocent North Koreans, can’t even tell that Namibia has an extra “i” in it, and is, like, totally, a literal Nazi?

Despite the truths that George W Bush gave when she spoke about Donald Trump, don’t be fooled. By elevating Bush to the status of “good person” because he mocked Trump, you are ignoring his prior behavior and actions. Just because someone dislikes Donald Trump, it doesn’t immediately make them a good person. Harvey Weinstein disliked Trump enough to attend the Women’s March, and we don’t see him as a beacon of goodness.

While Donald Trump said insensitive things to the family of a soldier murdered in Niger by either Al-Qaeda or Islamic State militants, who do you think was responsible for Al-Qaeda’s (of which ISIS is a sub-branch) rise to power? Nope, it wasn’t Obama either. Trump may be bumbling and gaffe-filled, but he’s not responsible for the War on Terror and all that came with that. Trump may say things that appear to be racist, Islamophobic and all the other -phobics, but there are previous leaders like Harry S Truman who was allegedly in the Ku Klux Klan. Millard Fillmore and James Buchanan purposely allowed slavery to become more widespread in the eighteen-fifties. Ulysses S. Grant was remembered for an outbreak of corruption. Trump’s not even the first celebrity president: Have we already forgotten Ronald Reagan? What about Watergate?

None of this is to dismiss the embarrassing behavior and gaffes of Donald J. Trump. It is simply a sharp reminder of those who believe the non-adage that is: The current leader of the opposition is the worst leader of all time. It is not just true of Trump. When Barack Obama was in power, there was constant panic in Right-wing circles about how he was going to destroy everything, and the same is now happening with the Left and Trump.

But if you’re going to defend warmongers and generally horrible people just because they criticize your current cartoon villain, maybe there’s a problem. And something something those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it