Image by Lukas Bieri

Male feminists are at it again. Prominent social justice video game forum NeoGAF has been taken offline after its owner, Tyler “Evilore” Malka was accused of sexual assault. This is the same man who claimed that NeoGAF was “a safer place for women and other minorities in the gaming sphere”. Rolling Stone lists off the many accusations, including getting into a shower with a woman (who wasn’t his partner in any way) completely naked, and indecently grabbing a woman by the buttocks after buying her a drink.

He’s not the only one. Sam Kriss, VICE’s games news contributor, widely known for calling gamers misogynists and harassers, is—shock horror!—allegedly himself an abuser and harasser of women. He’s been fired from the UK Labour Party over the allegations. Rupert Myers, British GQ reporter, was fired for alleged sexual misconduct. Even a former NeoGAF moderator, Christopher “Amir0x” Goldberg, was arrested and charged with multiple counts of possessing child pornography earlier this year. Andy Signore, creator of popular YouTube channel Honest Trailers was accused of sexual abuse.

Tyler Malka is just the latest of many male feminists accused of sexually assaulting and harassing women and others. It should have been a warning sign when Malka used the term “women and other minorities”—considering women make up more than half the world’s population, that can hardly be considered a minority. He’s responsible for creating NeoGAF, which is prominent for its social justice and feminist leanings. The site is (was?) also very exclusive, only allowing those with specific types of emails to join, namely college or personal emails, that could be linked back to the member. If the member ever chose to leave—or was banned—from the forums, NeoGAF had all their details, ready to use for whatever the administrators wished.

Maybe this overwhelming number of male feminists being outed as abusers is proof of the feminism in the industries they work in. Perhaps the companies these male feminists work for are better at outing and dealing with sexual harassment claims than other non-male feminist workplaces. Maybe it’s showing the extremeness of an outrage culture, where a female feminist can simply accuse a male feminist of rape and voila! he’s been ousted from the community.

This is doubtful. The problem lies in that once one identifies as a feminist, they feel they are free from criticism and can do no wrong. Why would a feminist do anything horrible? Remember: feminism means equality. Why would someone who wants equality be a bad person? These male feminists, now they have been outed as abusers and harassers, will be outed from the feminist clique, and other feminists will claim people like Malka were never truly feminists at all. Some are even claiming that Malka was a Gamergater in disguise! His website was never progressive! Just because NeoGAF’s residents constantly spout social justice and Left-leaning viewpoints, why would they be socially progressive and Left-leaning?

Tyler Malka and  NeoGAF thrived in a culture that believes they are always correct, and everyone else is always incorrect. It is an example of an echo chamber taken to an entirely new level. The same thing could just as easily happen to their rivals like Kotaku in Action, Kiwi Farms or even 4chan. Because of this culture, Malka—much like other male feminists—believed he could do no wrong. Even if he was doing awful things in his real life, while online he was one of the Good Guys and On the Correct Side of History. Many of these male feminists feel justified in their horrific actions simply because they can go on Twitter or NeoGAF or whatever and think to themselves, well, at least I’m not a misogynistic gamer/anti-feminist/whatever!

Tyler Malka is one man in a long line in many male feminists that have been ousted for what they really are. You’re naive to think nobody else will be exposed. Just think: at least one of the male allies rightfully criticizing Malka is likely just as bad as Malka. However, that’s not the problem. We know these sorts of people will always exist, but how do we stop them?

We must stop with the notion of just because someone is a feminist, they are a good person. Plenty of horrible people in the past and present have claimed to be for equality, while also doing beyond horrific actions. In theory, communism is about equality for the people, but in practice it is not about equality at all: LGBT people are forced to convert to being heterosexual or be murdered, anyone who is not exactly what the communist regime wants is “unperson-ed” and flat out murdered.

Someone does not need to identify as a feminist to believe in equality. But dictionary definitions? Dictionary definitions are not indicative of a word: just look at the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), or National Socialist Worker’s Party of German (Nazis). Just because someone identifies as a feminist—regardless of whether they’re male or female—it doesn’t mean they’re great people.

These men should get their day in front of a judge, and be sentenced accordingly. Justice will only be served when the judge bangs his or her gavel.