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Donald Trump just about ruined everything when he became President of the United States almost a year ago. He ruined Hillary Clinton‘s belief that she deserved the presidency. He ruined comedy, because everything is so much bleaker and dystopian since he was inaugurated. He’s even ruined the release of the latest Wolfenstein game, because everyone knows he’s a Literal Nazi, and how can we be happy a game about killing Nazis has been released when there are, like, literal Nazis everywhere?

Everywhere you look on the internet, there is article after article proclaiming Nazism has overtaken the United States of America, and Donald Trump is actually worse than Adolf Hitler. An article earlier this year by The Verge believes alleged people being upset at Wolfenstein II is worse than the actual dystopian world in Wolfenstein. Never mind Wolfenstein is a video game about an alternate history where the Nazis won World War II, and is full of murder and bloodshed. How can people upset with Wolfenstein be worse than the actual content in the game? The alleged “white nationalist alt-Right” The Verge is talking about is just YouTube trolls, and ninety-nine per cent of them are shit-talking to “trigger” those at The Verge and likeminded sites. Barely anyone actually believes in Nazi ideology, other than the disgusting barely-people that are neo-Nazis.

It wouldn’t have made the news if The Verge had reported it was simply edgy troll teenagers on YouTube complaining about Wolfenstein II, because that doesn’t fit into their agenda. The only proven example of neo-Nazis and white supremacists in America is the Charlottesville riots and those idiots with the Tiki torches, and almost everyone condemned them. Nazism isn’t rife in America, and white supremacists are rightly condemned at every turn, because these are just scare tactics created by the media and the Social Justice Left to keep you afraid.

In order to maintain control, everything  must be political. In lieu of Donald Trump not actually doing anything resembling fascist, they must loosely connect anything vaguely fascistic to him. But, contrary to Cracked’s Daniel O’Brien’s opinion, not everything needs to be political. The Wolfenstein game is not proof of Nazism in Trump’s America, because that is ludicrous. It is just a fun game series about murdering actual Nazis, because who doesn’t like slaughtering actual Nazis? For anyone to compare the Nazi regime, which is responsible for at least ten million deaths, to Donald Trump, a bumbling over-tanned President, is incredibly offensive. You’re slightly uncomfortable Trump is passing laws reminiscent of previous Republican leaders? Well, to the “Trump is Literally Hitler” people, that’s exactly the same as someone whose entirely family was murdered by the SS and had their home firebombed in the dying days of the War. How utterly insensitive.

In his article, Daniel O’Brien says:

Politics is everywhere and everything is political.

and also:

I’m not weaving in political stuff because I feel some journalistic obligation; I’m doing it because I don’t think it’s possible to talk about anything without the framework of politics.

Politics is only everywhere because you guys put politics everywhere. Jeez, these same people have made liking steak well-done a political choice, for Pete’s sake. He states it’s because every conversation will ultimately turn into a discussion about how awful the President is and what his latest gaffe is.

But…no. Not everything needs to be political. Even when the Cold War was in its height, or people were absolutely terrified of Al Qaeda after 9/11, or the first celebrity President was in power (Ronald Reagan), people didn’t constantly talk about politics, and those are just as volatile situations as the stuff with Trump. Excluding the dilemma with North Korea, nothing Trump has said is anything on said problems of the past, and people like Daniel O’Brien and The Verge are acting as if the world is literally raining fire and brimstone. Hint: It’s not.

“But this time is different!” you may shout. The only difference is Donald Trump is in charge of the United States during the peak of social media, so we’re able to hear his inane rantings more than any previous President. You’re telling me George W Bush or Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan wouldn’t have been cringey Tweeters? Politics has existed for a very long time, and Donald Trump is not the worst leader, nor is he the best. He is just one embarrassing flunky in a line of forgettable leaders also decried as the worst leader ever. Regardless of if Donald Trump is hypothetically impeached for business dealings with The Trump Organization while President in 2021, or if he just casually finishes his term in either 2020 or 2024, people will just remember him as a former President. By the time the next leader rolls around, the same people catastrophizing about Trump will say he’s an angel compared to whoever that person is. “President Stefanik (or Clinton or whoever) makes me nostalgic for the days of Trump!” will be the ironic rallying cry of 2024.

Politics is only everywhere at the moment because money is to be made out of constantly talking about politics. As much as everyone hates Trump, talking about him constantly is precious clickbaitbux to a dying medium. Claiming the United States is a broken white supremacist dystopia lets you off the hook: how can we do anything when evil reigns supreme? When you’re trying to make absolutely everything political—whether it’s the latest in a series of video games that began life in the nineteen-eighties, or how the President enjoys his damn steak—maybe we should start to question if it’s not Donald Trump who is the problem, but you. Because why can’t we enjoy a game about butchering Nazis without someone trying to make a ridiculous reference to Donald Trump and the Republican Party? Sometimes we just want to forget about politics for a bit and kill a bunch of people far worse than Donald Trump could ever be.