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For a world full of people who are consistently denouncing the past rule of the English monarchy, a lot of them sure are excessively excited that Prince Harry is engaged to Suits actress and activist Meghan Markle. It’s true. There have been a lot of articles and opinion pieces floating around in recent years denouncing everything to do with the English and their dark colonization past and basically white people in general. So it’s interesting that so many of these same news sites and opinion makers are talking about Prince Harry’s engagement in such melodramatic, sensational ways.

It’s great to hear that two loved-up and consenting adults are choosing to spend the rest of their lives together, but there shouldn’t be round-the-clock news on even the most minute details about Harry and Meghan. You want the rundown? Well, we’re going to hear about it regardless. Markle has to leave one of her rescue dogs behind. She’s going to have to be baptized and become a UK citizen. Is she the new Wallis Simpson? Wow…is that nude nail polish she’s wearing? We’ll tell you the shocking truth behind her choice of nail color! Will she give up acting? What do Harry’s exes think? The Internet has a wild conspiracy theory about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement! Will monarchists kick up a fuss over Markle’s biraciality?

This latest Royal engagement is further proof of how the mainstream media is completely detached from what the public truly cares about. Most articles that refer to the Royal engagement have elicited responses from the general public that basically amount to Who cares? Some of these same news outlets have been overly critical of the Royals themselves. Yet, we still are receiving ridiculous snippets of information about the lives of an American woman and an English man who are engaged to be married. The Royal Family has not had much influence over England—nor the majority of the world—in decades. The main role of Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the Royals is to provide an image of leadership in a country where events like Brexit and the politician sexual assault scandal have divided many. They are figureheads, nothing more.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the media have such an obsession with the Royal Family. After all, it was journalists and the paparazzi who allegedly lead to the tragic death of Princess Diana, and it seems they haven’t learned anything since that fateful day. You’d have thought these same journalists and reporters who were seemingly obsessed with Harry’s mother would have the gall to have some respect this time around. But, no, a decent moral compass is apparently too hard to come by.

You might say it’s in the public interest for us to know about Harry and Meghan’s engagement, or that it provides a nice, sweet distraction from the totalitarian, Nazi, fascist dytopia that is Trump’s America. That’s incorrect. There are plenty of beautiful, sweet stories that happen every day. This is simply one of them. Some of those stories may involve Trump himself—that’s if you include his recent barrage of embarrassing tweets as inherently uplifting, or at least entertaining.

Some media sites and news outlets have made a political mountain out of a molehill in the fact that Meghan Markle herself is biracial. Despite no-one out there—except a few lone deranged far-Right YouTubers—criticizing Markle’s parentage, there are already a barrage of articles out there reporting on how “people” are furious Meghan Markle will be a Royal come May next year. These are the same news outlets and reporters who have been criticizing the Royal Family as being a racist relic of England’s past, who are now cheering them because…Prince Harry doesn’t care about race, and fell in love with a perfectly fine woman? It’s amazing how easy viewpoints can be changed.

While Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle shows refreshing proof of the Royal Family’s modernness, there should not be  breaking news coverage for every little thing Royal Family. At least wait until the wedding.

Of course there are some rabid monarchists who wish to hear about the juicy details. There’s also some regular folks who are interested. Just remember to tone it down a little. There are other things happening in the world too. North Korea has begun testing nuclear missiles again. The Great Hollywood Sex Scandal of 2017 has reached Australia—and one of the accused is pathetically blaming his actions on having Asperger’s.  Donald Trump might even Tweet something more awkward than that Fake News competition kerfuffle!