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Welcome to Trump’s Week in Review for the 25th of March, 2018.

Can you believe it? We’re almost in April of 2018 and Donald Trump is still the President of the United States. Wow! And, oh boy, what an interesting week it has been this week for the 45th President of the United States: he’s fired a bunch of people at the White House such as his conspiracy theorist lawyer, played golf, and overused Twitter.

All in all, a usual week. Except that the trivial news stories don’t write themselves! Of course we want to hear about such riveting news as CNN calling its rival Fox News a “propaganda machine,” or how Joe Biden would beat the President up if he could, or that Jim Carrey made a cartoon criticizing Trump. Come on, you know you want to read about it all!

Trump hiring commentators from ‘propaganda machine’ Fox News for top White House roles, reports 9 News in Australia. This article talks about how Trump has been consistently hiring Fox News people in various roles in his administration, including John Bolton as national security adviser, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert, communications adviser Mercedes Schlapp, and Treasury Department spokesman Tony Sayegh, but he’s also hired “veteran CNBC contributor Larry Kudlow as top economic adviser”, so it’s not all Fox News.

But who do you think called it a “propaganda machine”? Well, that’d be CNN’s chief Jeff Zucker, who “attacked the rival network by saying it has become a propaganda machine that is ‘doing an incredible disservice to the country’.” Wow, CNN, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

Insert outdated meme from the early-2010s.

Are you a Trump supporter? We want to hear from you! USA Today asks its loyal readers. Apparently, they want to “highlight your voice, your way”.

  1. Why did you initially back Donald Trump’s presidential bid in 2016, and what has he done to keep your support?
  2. What is the biggest misconception (or assumption) people make when they find out you are a Trump supporter?
  3. Would you stop supporting President Trump if he did anything in particular? Why? Why not?

You can submit your letter/blog to letters@usatoday.com, leave a comment on this story page, our Facebook page, or on Twitter using #tellusatoday.

They’re also saying “Letters/blogs are edited for accuracy, clarity and length”, so it’ll be interesting to see if they’re going to follow their previous admittance of listening to the voices of El Trumpo supporters, considering they’re also asking for those pesky Trump voters to send in their names, addresses, and phone numbers. Hmm…


Joe Biden is ridiculous in threatening to beat up people – even when it’s Donald Trump, says The Guardian’s Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff. If you thought this was a semi-positive Donnie Drumpf article by The Guardian, you must have knocked your head or something. No, no, it’s a feminist article about how Joe Biden “even behind feminist reasoning, is a stark reminder that the chummiest of male politicians are concerned with power and dominance”. For clarity, Joe Biden and Trump are “fighting”. Here’s what happened:

A guy who ended up becoming our national leader said, ‘I can grab a woman anywhere and she likes it.’“They asked me if I’d like to debate this gentleman, and I said ‘no.’ I said, ‘If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.’”

—Joe Biden at an anti-sexual assault talk at the University of Miami

Brinkhurst-Cuff blames toxic masculinity for this, because of course. She thinks that Biden should “rein in the fighting talk” if he wants to “secure sensible voters (including feminists)”. One can only sigh.

Stormy Daniels is emerging as the feminist hero from the Donald Trump affair, says The Independent’s Matthew Norman. This piece talks about a CBS interview with adult actress Stormy Daniels, which talks about her alleged affair with Donald Trump. Basically, Norman’s saying that evangelicals and other Trump supporters will ignore this latest interview, and pretend Daniels is either lying or doesn’t exist. They will be major hypocrites—c’mon, Norman, are evangelicals being hypocrites really newsworthy?—and complain about Democrats and morality while also ignoring an alleged adulterer amidst their own ranks. He believes feminists will be able to use Daniels as a weapon to “punish a laureate of misogyny [which] could even recast pornography as a righteous feminist weapon”. Mate, I don’t think you’ve heard of those sex-negative feminists. Porn as a feminist weapon sounds like an idea that is still in the confines of dark fantasy, much like you considered Trump’s presidency.

Donald Trump is in The Simpsons, and for some reason everyone’s reacting, despite The Simpsons not being relevant in at least a decade. According to NME, “makers of The Simpsons have shared a new short sketch satirising Donald Trump”. The sketch, which aims to be funny, but really isn’t, just shows how far The Simpsons has fallen since its grand old days. And, considering the Fox watermark plastered all over this video, it’s amazing people are taking something released by the “propaganda machine” seriously at all. Check it out below:

Fox News poll: Trump approval holds steady as GOP shrinks Dems’ edge in midterms fight, says CNN’s . For some reason, CNN, sick of their own ever-swaying polls, is now reporting on Fox News’s polls. It’s just talking about how those dratted Trump voters still have the same rate of approval of him as before, which is apparently 45%, despite being Trump voters. What, CNN, don’t you have any polls of your own to analyze?

What Were Mike Pence and Donald Trump Doing During March for Our Lives?
asks The Cut. March For Our Lives, for the blissfully apolitical or unaware, were a series of marches held in protest of America’s gun violence both in the United States and a few cities around the world. Donald Trump was playing golf instead of joining the Buzzfeed-estimated 2,000 protesters down in Florida. Mike Pence, on the other hand, was tweeting about a Christian movie he watched a few weeks ago. Are we surprised they didn’t attend the event? They’re Republicans. It’s hardly surprising.

Sex Scandals and ‘America First’: Warren G. Harding Was Donald Trump 1.0, says Daily Beast. According to Peter Mikelbank, Trump is incredibly similar to another Republican candidate from 1921, Warren Gamaliel Harding:

Step by reactionary step, campaign promise by promise and character flaw by flaw, the two are uncannily matched.

In this very mature article, however, it says Harding did a lot in his first nine months, whereas “Trump has dick to show”. It also ends by saying Harding died just before his scandals were leaked, and entertained the idea of him being poisoned by his furious wife, which seems to imply the Daily Beast wishes Melania would just kill Trump off.

In other Daily Beast Trump news, they also have the article Donald Trump and David Duke Are Sinister Soul Brothers. This “article” is an excerpt of Mitch Landrieu’s book In the Shadow of Statues: A White Southerner Confronts History, in which he talks about meeting KKK leader David Duke. What does it say about Trump? He believes that, even though Trump’s disavowed Duke’s endorsement of him, that’s not enough for Trump’s white nationalist supporters. He’s also saying hate groups like Duke’s hate group have risen in popularity since Trump’s rise to power, and it’s proven in the Rust Belt voting for Trump instead of three-million-votes-higher Hillary Clinton, even though these Rust Belt areas generally vote Republican. In Landrieu’s words:

Donald Trump is not a Nazi; yet he has courted white nationalists as Duke did, and like Duke, he speaks and tweets a fountain of lies, lying as naturally as normal people try to be truthful.

If you think Daily Beast is done with the dramatic articles, you are wrong. Lastly, we have How Close Is Donald Trump to a Psychiatric Breakdown? Apparently, prominent psychiatrists have been fighting to prove that Trump is an unstable megalomaniac and his cultish family is set to destroy America. In a book published by these psychiatrists, they “warned that the Trump effect was creating a ‘malignant normalcy,’ a collective psychological anesthesia in the face of people’s free-floating fears about the stability of this president”. In Daily Beast’s words:

Trump’s paranoia, exaggerated by the real and imminent threat of prosecution for obstruction of justice, money laundering, and physical intimidation of women he has bought for sexual pleasure, is reaching a break point. Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal warns of a “catastrophic crisis” pitting an unhinged president against the rule of law and the future of democracy.

Donald Trump defends congratulating Vladimir Putin over election win despite being warned against it, says Australia’s ABC News. Russia. Russia. Russia. Oh no. Not this again.

Jimmy Carter: My preference would be that Trump “not be impeached”, says CBS News. Okay. Congrats. In Carter’s words:

You know, I have confidence in the American system of government…I think ultimately the restraints on a president from the Congress and from the Supreme Court will be adequate to protect our nation, if he serves a full term.

Of course, celebrities have reacted to Trump, as usual. According to The Independent, Jim Carrey has unveiled a NSFW cartoon criticizing the Trump administration entitled “Fifty Shades of Decay”.

Shockingly, we have a pro-Trump celebrity in Roseanne Barr, who said she would be excited if Trump would watch the reboot of her show Roseanne.

And here’s the actually important stuff about him you may have missed

Trump releases order kicking most transgender troops out of the military, says 9 News Australia, though countless others have reported on this. Despite attempts from many to bar the order, Donald Trump has banned trans people from joining the military except in limited circumstances, citing that those with gender dysphoria “present considerable risk to military effectiveness and lethality”. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree, this is definitely important news that will cause the Far-Left to hate Trump more and the Far-Right to support him more. Ah, isn’t divisiveness fun?!

While this is technically next week’s news, it still counts as it’s very relevant. It’s all over social media at the moment, but how long will people be talking about Stormy Daniels’ interview with CBS News about her alleged affair with Donald Trump? While all the claptrap about Daniels being a “feminist hero” is simply that, it’s interesting to hear some of the allegations she has made, including this one:

And that’s it. If there’s anything else you think might be more important that the usual useless trivial drivel, let us know down in the comments!