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Lately, something has changed about the anti-feminist political sphere on YouTube, and it has nothing to do with the alternative media network manipulating innocent souls to the far-Right.

Roughly a week ago, “classical liberal” YouTuber Carl Benjamin, popularly known as Sargon of Akkad, announced he would be taking a break from YouTube. In Benjamin’s own words:

I’m tired. I’ve been in the trenches of the culture war for like five years now and I don’t feel like I’ve ever had a break.

This is the same Sargon of Akkad who has spent the last five years criticizing his opponents on the Social Justice Left for themselves wanting to leave the alleged “trenches” of the culture war. Sargon of Akkad—who has been all-too-willing to mock those triggered Lefties, while at the same time proclaiming he is not Right-wing—has had too much. For all his Trump Saltmining Inc and Social Justice Weasels videos, it seems Sargon is the salt-laden weasel himself. So why take a break now?

Carl Benjamin has become the figure he feared from the very beginning: exactly the same as his detractors. This shouldn’t be a revelation. In April 2016, Sargon started a change.org petition to Suspend Social Justice Courses. The petition quickly garnered 75,000 signatures, with Benjamin and his devotees blissfully unaware they were quickly becoming a parody of themselves. Sargon comes from a group of online anti-feminists—the YouTube Skeptic Community—who are all for freedom of speech and the open expression of ideas. So, freedom of speech is all well and good, just not speech I personally disagree with? Doesn’t this 2016 petition go against all Sargon and the Skeptic Community espouse? It was after this all things Sargon of Akkad exploded.

In May of 2016, Sargon tweeted to controversial British MP Jess Phillips: “I wouldn’t even rape you.” The tweet went viral: Phillips claimed she received 5,000 abusive tweets in one night as a direct response. Benjamin was firmly planted as a public figure. In early 2017, Benjamin found his Twitter account had been permanently deleted after he tweeted gay porn to Alt-Righters, a violation of Twitter’s Community Guidelines. In June 2017, he attended convention VidCon, where anti-Gamergater Anita Sarkeesian accused him of being a “garbage human”. Not content with the attention from these events, Sargon of Akkad and fellow YouTuber Count Dankula (a more reasonable YouTube skeptic who nearly found himself incarcerated over a joke video) joined the British Right-wing political party UKIP in June 2018. Two weeks ago, Sargon and Count Dankula were invited, as UKIP members, to be part of the European Union Parliament. In the last week he debated a social justice supporter at Mythcon Milwaukee, which he was unhappy about. Now here we are.

In this Sargon Summary, one thing may become apparent. Sargon of Akkad, who began uploading videos to his YouTube channel in 2013 to criticize intersectional feminism and radical Left-wing politics, was no longer talking about the news. He’d become the news. Instead of his regular rants in his This Week in Stupid segment, Sargon was now the one being ranted about…in the BBC, Breitbart, The Guardian, and more. His ego had grown to the size of a cloud, and had taken over the YouTube Skeptic Community. And he wasn’t the only one.

With any popular YouTube figure comes a giant fall, and everything recently came crashing down for Sargon of Akkad. Most people have something to hide from their past, whether that’s a simple mistake like glamour shots or a Facebook troll account, or more damaging like a secret career as a camgirl. Carl Benjamin had his moment. For a man who has vehemently denied he is a Right-winger, Benjamin was quick to spout the N-wordrepeatedly in a concerning context (which clearly separates him from PewDiePie) in a February stream:

You guys are acting exactly like n*****s, you’re acting like white n*****s, exactly how you say n*****s act

That’s not how white people should act. White people should be, polite to each other.

He also had this interesting thing to say about the age of consent:

I think… it depends on the child really, doesn’t it…it should really be a case by case basis…

And for a man who is so quick to mock the Right, he sure shares some of the same sexist beliefs as the Right. Here’s a message he sent his wife while they were still dating, where he admits to flirting with “tr*nnys”:


He’s not the only one. Matt Jarbo, also known as MundaneMatt, was recently accused of flagging his own YouTube videos for attention and falsely claiming someone else was trying to destroy his career. Last year, Milo Yiannopoulos was accused of supporting pedophilia. Annand “Bunty King” Virk admitted to having no problem with his wife cheating on him. For every Laci Green who is supportive of YouTube skeptics, you have Theryn Meyers switching over to the Dark Side. There’s certainly a lot of drama, and it’s not looking good.

You have an echo chamber of YouTube skeptics and anti-feminists—many of whom, like Benjamin, claim to be moderate Left—making the same mistakes as their rivals on the far-Left.  For Carl Benjamin, who has spent his career criticizing Anita Sarkeesian for milking drama for money and Patreon dollars, Carl Benjamin has become exactly like Anita Sarkeesian. While the YouTube Skeptic Community is nowhere near the evil, alternative influencer network of neo-Nazis the mainstream media portrays them as, there is a lot that needs to be fixed.

These people have had their five seconds of fame—like Benjamin and his Jess Phillips controversy—but they want to milk it for more. The reasoning seems simple. This internet controversy has courted them the big bucks. Sargon of Akkad earns a whopping $12,064 per month “creating arguments”.


That’s a lot of money making videos that are basically him reciting the news with his own one-sentence remarks. Even if Sargon claims his content will change when he returns from his Phase 2 hiatus, that’s still a lot of money by haphazardly slapping some videos together about owning the fems. Eventually that money will dwindle, just like it has for most other anti-feminist skeptic YouTubers. That’s where controversy comes in. And it’s worked.

With his image of a smug upper-middle-class Englishman masquerading under the profile of an ancient Semitic king, Carl Benjamin perfectly appeals to those frustrated with the Left. The same with his counterparts like MundaneMatt, Bearing, TheQuartering, and even his adversary Mr Metokur/Internet Aristocrat. Sargon of Akkad claims to be a “classic liberal”, because having liberal in the name must mean he’s a dye-in-the-wool Leftie (he mustn’t have heard of the Australian LNP Party), despite critiquing all there is to do with the Left. However, he’s anything but Leftie. His videos are full of brash clickbait titles, and once you’ve clicked, his soothing affluent English accent with use of immense vocabulary will lure you in completely.

But Sargon of Akkad doesn’t care about his fans. Much like most of those on YouTube, he wants fame, attention, and for his audience to appreciate his over 9000 IQ genius. He seemingly doesn’t genuinely care about stopping the far-Left, who won the “culture war” he cited as his reason for quitting. Sargon and his pro-Gamergaters lost Gamergate, the turning point for the alleged culture war. Now Sargon doesn’t care who wins or loses. Because he wins. Every time. With $12,000+ a month, plus extra for speaking engagements and the like, wouldn’t you enjoy creating arguments for a living too?

Along comes someone like Mr Metokur, whose real name is allegedly James O’Shaughnessy, to show exactly what’s wrong with the anti-feminist movement. While Mr Metokur may have political beliefs even more absurd than Sargon, at least he’s honest about it, and while he thrives on this drama just the same as Sargon of Akkad, we can take a few pointers from him.

Mr Metokur, alongside some other firmly Right-wing YouTubers such as Ethan Ralph, have been some of only ones to point out the absurd behavior of the anti-feminist skeptic community. They have pointed out the horribly hypocritical behavior of the Sargons of the world, and we should be applauding that.

Phase 2

Political YouTube’s problem: the arrogance of its creators have overtaken the desire to wipe out the terrifying menace that is the far-Left. People like Sargon of Akkad and MundaneMatt do not care about making this world a better place. They don’t care about looking for solutions to the intersectional feminist menace. Their overinflated egos would not allow for that. All they want is drama. Perhaps this article is just giving them more attention, giving their egos a huge boost, making their brains smarter than even the #1 fan of Rick and Morty.

Hopefully Sargon of Akkad takes something from his YouTube hiatus: If you keep going this way, even your devoted fanbase of 16-year-old edgelords will stop believing you. However, people like myself—those who were disillusioned with the Left and turned, perhaps naively, to your videos for guidance—will turn against you if you keep going along this arrogant, attention-seeking route. If you’re unwilling to listen to any of this, remember one thing: you will soon become just like your enemies, just like the Anita Sarkeesians and the Jess Phillips’, and that is just as terrifying.

Just look at the ego of President Donald Trump, and realize you are even more egotistical. You really are one degree of separation from Donald Trump at this point. And that is not a good thing.

Choose wisely.