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Welcome to The Fifty Percent Review, a website which aims to present the news in a more centrist, non-radical light. We hope you enjoy your stay here!

The purpose of The Fifty Percent Review is to make a voice for the roughly fifty percent of people in First World countries (like the United States) who identify as centrist. There is so much political divisiveness as a result of events like the 2016 US Election, Brexit in the United Kingdom and the resulting election, the battle between center-left and far-right in many European nations, the rise of far-right politicians like Pauline Hanson in Australia, and many more that are too numerous to mention.

We don’t care if you’re center-right, center-left, or just a true blue centrist. It doesn’t bother us if you’re from the more radical factions of politics. In this current state of politics, it is almost impossible to hear a viewpoint that isn’t radical in some way. Centrism—having a mishmash of beliefs from both Left and Right, has become a lost art. Centrism is seen as a slur, a sight so horrible to see, it can only be mocked and sneered at.

Check out our mission statement here for more information.

Any ideas, pitches, or questions? Email us at fiftypercentrev@writeme.com or contact us via Facebook (Don’t forget to like the page!).

Image is by Asim Alnamat

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