Can you do Black Friday online

Are you planning to shop Black Friday sales? Whether you're going to stock up on holiday gifts, or just shop for yourself, you'll want to make the most of every minute. Get ready for the 2019 sales by avoiding these 10 common Black Friday shopping mistakes.

10 Ways You're Doing Black Friday Wrong

1. You're Skipping Black Friday

Sales happen all the time, no matter the season. Amazon Prime Day, for example, is a huge sale event in the summer. When you get to the fall, back-to-school sales and Labor Day sales are impossible to miss. So it's no surprise if you're wondering, "Is Black Friday really worth it? Is Black Friday really cheaper?"

This year, Black Friday falls on November 29.

Yes! We can assure you that Black Friday sales are worth shopping. You'll find sales for practically every product category, and it's easy to find your favorite products marked down by 50% or more. Even Apple products — which rarely go on sale — can often be found at around 30% off during Black Friday.

While you shouldn't jump into Black Friday and impulse-buy everything you find, there are some great deals to be found. You just need a good shopping strategy.

2. You're Only Shopping on Black Friday

Everyone talks about Black Friday as if it's only a day, but it's really morphed into a full season. Most sales start the week of Black Friday and continue right through the next week. During the two weeks around Black Friday in 2018, we saw over 3,000 deals — and about 46% of those deals were among the best prices we'd seen all year.

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This year, Thanksgiving falls on November 28, and Black Friday sales have already started in earnest. Conversely, expect sales to start slowing down at the end of next week, on December 6.

3. You're Not Planning for Black Friday in Advance

With so many sales happening, you need a game plan to make the most of Black Friday. The majority of Black Friday ads are already out. Now's the time to browse the ads and think about how to craft your Black Friday shopping list.