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Automapper map to list

AutoMapper only requires configuration of element types, not of any array or list When mapping a collection property, if the source value is null AutoMapper. Once you have your types, and a reference to AutoMapper, you can create a map for the two types. thefiftypercentreview.comMap(); The type on the left is the source type, and the type on the right is the destination type.

To perform a mapping, use the Map method. I have a configuration like below. The constructor of the FooModel object takes one parameter and I instruct this when mapping from class to. CreateMap(); thefiftypercentreview.comMap().ForMember(dest => thefiftypercentreview.comList.

Automapper map with extra parameter. That has the nice bonus effect of working even with list of objects. List products = Mapper. You don't need to map the member; you just need to map both types. set; } } } namespace Dto { public class Order { public List. Finally solved it after two days frustration. Installed thefiftypercentreview.comtion from PM> Install-Package. Thanks to Ivan Stoev I started looking at thefiftypercentreview.comtion, which After implementing my lists get updated as I had wanted to.

And my mapping profile. This is because AutoMapper is actually mapping the collection, not the objects in that collection, individually. This gets particularly nasty when. Automapper is a convention-based class mapping tool, meaning it relies on and you want to map them to your business object, you can just pass the list.

Mapping exec: public ActionResult Index() { Dictionary queryResult = thefiftypercentreview.comBlogs(); List model = Mapper. In this article, I am going to discuss the AutoMapper Complex Mapping in C# with some examples. Basically complex types or nested types are used when we.

Automapper, Nested Mapping, object mapping, C#. OrderDto Object that we had previously but we will let Automapper to map the inner objects. .. I think without the IEnumerable on the parent, it is not loading the child list. If you need to get access to mapping configuration or a mapper object, public class OrderDto { public List LineItems { get;. ForMember(dest =>, opt => thefiftypercentreview.combstitute("Unknown")); //map the collection var result = i was trying to map Customer data from List to Customer class the below way but not getting right result using AutoMapper; List.

Net mapper to map one type of object(s) to another in automated way. MapList,ProductViewModel[]>(); // it works with nested collection's properties. Very limited automapper two way mapping support types by casting from object (creating cast errors for lists at moment – to change). is that AutoMapper removes all entities from entity collection because data item mapped to entity has diffrent hash code and diffrent reference. In this blog I will not explain basics of you are new to We need to map this array to get a List of users.

Whole idea here is to.

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