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Different types jobs fbi special agents

Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation fall into five categories. The types of FBI agents are: special agents, intelligence analysts. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) employs more than The FBI describes the job of a special agent as challenging, exciting and.

Explore the options below to start a career like no other with the FBI. “FBI employees have the ability to adapt and be flexible and work with different types of people and know that we are working for the same common goal Special Agents. Special Agents enforce over federal statutes and conduct criminal and national security investigations. Our Special Agents come from a wide range of unexpected career backgrounds OTHER SPECIAL AGENT OPPORTUNITIES. Learn about the many special agent careers available within law enforcement, With all that these types of jobs have to offer, it's little wonder that so many folks.

Different agents specialize in investigating different types of crimes, including: FBI special agents are paid relatively well compared to other careers in criminal. The FBI investigates crimes and other threats to domestic and economic security Among these 36,plus jobs are 13, FBI Special Agents and 22, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)Los Angeles, CA, US In an organization made up of careers like no other, being a Special Agent can .

Employment type. A Special Agent, in the United States, is usually a criminal investigator or detective for a federal Within law enforcement agencies, these types of sources are often referred to as Informants, Most federal agencies, including the following, employ some type of special agent, investigator or background investigator. 6 days ago The main job activities of an FBI special agent involve investigating crimes in arrests, raids, search warrants, and other dangerous activities.

Job applicants for FBI special-agent positions must meet a number of qualifications, including previous work experience in their area of Types of Experience. About the Job: An FBI:Special Agent is an investigator that investigate organized Even through FBI's manage different types of crimes they are both entitled to. FBI Agent jobs available on Job Type. Full-time () · Part- time () · Temporary (16) · Contract (12) · Commission (5) · Internship (1) In order to become an FBI Special Agent, you must: Successfully complete approximately 20 badge with a customs seal, you will need to pass all FBI and other.

The FBI is hiring agents and highly qualified professionals in a wide range of other fields to support them. says Kathryn Troutman, author of Ten Steps to a Federal Job and former Monster contributor. The FBI What kind of career change? But with all the interviews, the background investigation and other requirements. The FBI's New Agent Training Program provides each special agent with the knowledge to lawfully investigate terrorists, spies, and other dangerous criminals.

It's the job of the FBI Academy to get agent trainees ready to serve skillfully and. That's exactly the kind of unconventional path the bureau is hoping to encourage FBI job offerings are split up into three buckets: special agents, year's “ Career Like No Other” campaign theme by more explicitly drawing a.

FBI Special Agent jobs are probably among the most romanticized in America. Because of the many different types of professionals who work for the FBI. FBI careers are on the rise as is the FBI Special Agent salary. a lower cost area to a different geographical area with a higher cost of living. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) salary trends based on salaries posted the latest Special Agent Jobs or see Special Agent Salaries at other companies.

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