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Maps showing public rights of way

Maps, KML and GeoJSON showing rights of way. Rights of way data for authorities in England and Wales have been released with an open licence. Free online Ordnance Survey map showing UK public footpaths, cycle paths, bridleways and other rights of way; for walking, cycling, and outdoor activities.

In this section you will find advice on the most significant kinds of maps that show rights of way, where they are. View our interactive map showing rights of way in West Sussex - long distance paths, shorter walks and easy access trails. Our public rights of. The map shows all of the Public Rights of Way in the County. If your device has a GPS you can centre the map on your current position by pressing the. It is actually many separate maps that show the routes of the thousands of individual Public Footpaths, Public Bridleways, Restricted Byways and Byways Open.

The local authorities hold and maintain the definitive map of Rights of Way. Other public access route – these are routes that are rights of way, Local Authorities give OS permission to show these routes, but they may not. Public rights of way disclaimer. The digitised rights of way information is updated regularly to record changes to the rights of way network. The map has been. Disclaimer. Please note, public rights of way data for viewing/download are updated periodically but the County Council can give no guarantee that it represents.

You can view an interactive map of Public Rights of Way throughout Norfolk online. This is not the Definitive Map. The Definitive Map may be viewed by a left . The difference between footpaths, bridleways and byways, as well as open access land, Public Byway Interactive maps showing access land in England . Some rights of way are also open to horse riders, cyclists or motorists.

Zoom into the map and click on the path that is of interest to view more information. Bradford District has a well developed network of over km of urban and rural public rights of way for the walkers and riders to enjoy Bradford's natural. Information on how rights of way are recorded, where to see a copy, diverting or permanently closing a right of way, creating a new route, is it up to date, what is.

Map of Herefordshire highways and public rights of way (PROW), including public footpaths, bridleways and byways. This is an interactive Map of Public Rights of Way and is for general purposes only. It is not the button to show or hide the address field and map categories.

Find out if a public right of way crosses your property. Find rights of way in East Sussex View map full screen For enquiries about any of the rights of way shown here, please contact the Rights of Way Team.

The Definitive Map and Statement are the legal record of the existence, alignment and status of public rights of way. These pages include information about the. You can use our public rights of way map to find new routes to walk.

The Choose how you move website has lots of information about walking in Leicestershire.

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