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Usb numpad remap keys

I'm trying to remap the NumLock key of a USB numeric keypad. (keyboard model : d-khtml). Products like the X-Keys programmable keypads are a great companion for anyone own custom macro pad with a basic USB number pad for much less cost. Use a USB Number Pad for Maya Shortcuts.: I got a new Watcom Bamboo Fun tablet and found the 4 included keys Software To Remap Keys for your OS.

I just bought a cheap little USB Numpad today, and I was wondering if there is a way to reprogram the keys to have say, the 0 key on the keypad to become the CTRL key, the 1 key . Trying to remap a USB Numeric Keypad. I want to remap a standard usb numpad to be able to assign macro's to it, but i don't want to affect mapping of my regular keyboard.

Hi, I did some searching and didn't find anything on the forum about my question. Can I get a cheap USB numpad and remap the keys easily to. I know my response is late, but as long as you use the US keyboard driver (not keys or even launch macros per keyboard (or USB NumPad).

Hi, I know this is possible in Linux, but I wonder can I somehow remap an entire external keyboard (in this case a Cherry ML numeric pad). Is there any way to remap the USB keys to be independent? I do use this thing though, because I like to have the numpad on my left side. You could remap the keys with utility apps and all that but it will be a duplicate of the number pad on your main keyboard.

Anything you remap. Hello! I am an animator and would like to use a USB number pad for keyboard shortcuts for better ergonimcs while animating in Photoshop. First: I've been thinking about getting a USB number pad to ease CAD work, and the one thing I would really like is to be able to have keys for. Numberpad Enter key remapping. Thakmere Outskirts of tl;dr USB Numpad's enter key sends signal as standard enter key. Needs to be.

i have a keyboard with the additional number key pad. i was therefore thinking maybe there is a way to change to default of the regular number. I'm trying to remap the NumLock key of a USB numeric keypad.

(keyboard model : d-khtml). your own custom macro pad with a basic USB. NumPad Transformer will let you arm the NumPad of your keyboard with the ability to trigger frequently used functions, including mouse moves. A normal full-size keyboard and a numeric keypad. I want to "remap" the keys on the numeric keypad, but leave the full keyboard alone. Buy USB Numeric Keypad, Jelly Comb N Portable Slim Mini Number Pad for Laptop Desktop Computer PC, Full Size 19 Key, Big Print Letters - Black.

A little hack when use windows keyboard on mac. Sometimes period key on numpad write comma, that why remap as period it's a good.

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